20/F/OKC. Politically Independent ex-art student. I live in/rent rooms out of my stepdads house, and this is kindof a chronicle of "things that happened here" Im one of those elusive straight girls on Tumblr, pretty tomboyish though. I love old cars, and am currently restoring a 1986 Bronco II. I write, draw and am into photography believe it or not (This tumblr is pretty much exclusively off my cell-phone.) I listen to everthing from pop-punk to bluegrass, and Im a sucker for anything acoustic ;) I have two dogs and two cats. And I think I-pods are overrated, Zune is wayy better.

21st February 2011


Some dude: “I bet I can make you like penis”Lesbians:  *this picture*

Some dude: “I bet I can make you like penis”
Lesbians:  *this picture*